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Because your book needs to be preserved and protected. The Most Simplest Design.

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Simple Fabric Cover

This Simple Fabric Cover is made to fit your Bible Cover or Journal Cover perfectly. Keep it just like this or spruce it up with Embroidery or Appliqué options. 

All in the Details

  • Genuine Hand-crafted construction
  • Custom Fit, Made to Order
  • Wide Range of Options
  • Curved edge detail
  • Specially Packaged for You

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  • All Fabric and Faux Leather Crosses are sewn with white thread stitches
  • These are all add-on and covers must be purchased with this listing. 

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This is needed for production and getting the guarantee of the perfect fit for your cover. 

Pictures of these 4 Measurements: 

  1. Length
  2. Width
  3. Depth
  4. Full Width (edge to edge with book closed, and showing the ending measurement) 

🚫Please make sure your choices are final, once your order is received, fabric will be purchased and cut. No additional changes after purchase.

**To keep faster processing times, please use a picture cropping app or program to preview your fabric selection, photoshop is recommended. If you are having a difficult time deciding please choose the as pictured in the examples above or if available on instagram/pinterest @mamabooclay


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