How You Got Here


I am so thrilled you are here!

My name is Nicole Bukle and I am your Designer, Sewist, and Friend.

I help you discover and sew your own Perfect Mamabooclay Cover.

You do not have to look and keep searching to find a cover to suit your style and taste or find the ideal gift for a loved one. 

Before creating MamaBooclay Design, my bible became almost unusable because the “leather” became icky and sticky. I was hard pressed to find a bible case that represented me.

Then after purchasing some generic book covers, I felt like I needed to finally utilize my sewing machines and make my own cover. Then I made covers for my family and friends. They encouraged me to sell my creations online because the store covers were somewhat drab and ordinary.

I decided to set out and create a quality-based, book cover for the most appreciative journal users. It turns out, the road was slightly more difficult than I imagined. Finding a formula to make the best fit for all types of bibles, book, and journals was challenging and searching for the best materials to use was difficult in a small town.

But when I released my first products, the response was absolutely astonishing! We now sell all around the US, UK, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Japan, and Sri Lanka!

“Mamabooclay?! Why? What does that mean? “

My name is Nicole Bukle. I am a mama (to five girls – quite shocking to some) and oddly my last name is really hard to pronounce, you can say its missing a “c.” However, I’ve heard so many variations to this name, its almost unbelievable, but one of my favorite wrong ways to pronounce it is “Boo-clay.” Somehow it stuck, especially with my husband’s coworkers. “How’s Mama Boo-clay?” or “Is that Mama Boo-clay’s favorite recipe?”

And that’s the meaning behind my name.

A little about my non-biz self:

I was born in Texas and raised in South Carolina, a southern blood. Currently reside in Arizona and love it. I am a proud wife to my hubs and a mommy to 5 beautiful daughters. I spent some time in the Army and a short career supporting the Army. Got some degrees and happily left it all to be home with my babies. Thank you for stopping and I can’t wait to make you your own cover.